Joe Biden Launches His Campaign For President: Let’s Finish the Job

Joe Biden Freedom and Democracy

Joe Biden emphasizes the importance of personal freedom as an American and how his first-term work has focused on fighting for democracy, protecting rights, and ensuring equality. He highlights that MAGA extremists are trying to take away personal freedoms, and that Americans need to stand up for their right to vote and civil rights. Joe Biden urges citizens to support him in his re-election campaign and work together towards achieving a free and equal America. Key Points Covered 1. Freedom and Democracy

No Malarky

Look folks, this is the most important election of our lifetime. My team is working around the clock to earn every vote, but we don’t have a record of who you’re supporting in this election. Can you answer two quick questions and help us out?

Drain The Swamp

After FOUR DECADES in the Washington Swamp, Joe Biden has accomplished nothing.

He’s just a washed-up, career politician being used as a PAWN by the Radical Left.

The fact is, Sleepy Joe is not the leader of his party. He is the helpless puppet of the Democrats.

Yikes. Does that sound like someone who’s ready to lead a Country?

Please donate now to show the President what you REALLY think about Joe Biden.

Biden Will Never Defund The Police

“Biden will work to rebuild the bonds of trust between police and the communities they are sworn to serve.
He’ll invest in community policing – to get more cops out of their cruisers, walking the streets, and developing real relationships with people in every neighborhood.
It’s Trump’s budget that cuts $400 million from state and local law enforcement.”

Biden Pack The Courts

Joe Biden OPENLY admitted his plan to violate our Second Amendment Rights.

Biden and Harris would enact UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun control measures while ANTIFA terrorizes our cities and the Radical Left calls to DEFUND the Police.

They would make it harder than ever to defend yourself.

Help Our Campaign Win

Every day, my team meets to figure out the best use of our resources in this critical, final stretch of the election. We don’t have a record of who you’re supporting in this election. Can you take a moment to let us know?

Vote Now

Election outcomes are controlled by people who show up.

Your country needs you to show up.

President Trump needs you to show up.

Vote now.

Biden Vote Early

Every single vote matters this year, and voting early has never been easier.

That’s why I’m asking you to take a few minutes to make your plan to vote early now. Visit to learn about all of your options, and pick the one that works best for you.

Trump Terrorist Organizations

BREAKING NEWS: President Trump Announced He Is Formally Designating the KKK and ANTIFA as TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS.

Unlike Joe Biden, he will not stand by and allow dangerous MOBS like Antifa run through our streets and cause absolute mayhem by way of RIOTING and LOOTING.

This is just one of many ways President Trump is FIGHTING FOR YOU and your family.

We’re calling on YOU to make a public statement and add your name to stand with President Trump against the KKK and ANTIFA,