Register To Vote

Join us for National Voter Registration Day by taking 60 seconds to confirm your voter registration today! Even if you’ve voted before, please take just 60 seconds to confirm your voter registration again today!

Trump College Football

President Trump brought back college football. The Great American Comeback continues! The Big 10 reversed course due to President Trump’s STRONG leadership. He is the leader we NEED to Make America Great Again. Show your support for President Trump’s efforts to reopen our country.

Beiden Independents

📊 New poll of independents: Trump 44% (🔺10), Biden 34%. We have to close this gap as soon as possible, and that means we need the resources to spread our message. Can you make your best possible contribution right now to defeat Donald Trump and the GOP this November? It would really mean a lot […]

Trump Hall Of Fame

When you make your next contribution, you’ll instantly join the ranks in the Trump Donor Hall of Fame. This prestigious group will be remembered forever as the Patriots who won us the 2020 Election, and I’m offering YOU a spot. The Trump Donor Hall of Fame is very competitive, and your offer is only available […]

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump stands with hard-working American Patriots, like YOU! During her time in the Trump Administration, Ivanka Trump has:✅ Improved data to match American workers to American jobs, and modernized employer recruiting, hiring, and training practices to secure talent.✅ Championed an increase to high-quality STEM and Computer Science education for American students.✅ Worked with the […]

Trump Platinum Card

You can now activate your 2020 Trump Platinum Card Membership and order your OFFICIAL Platinum Card. I’m ONLY inviting my TOP supporters, like YOU, to join this exclusive group, and I’m going to be very disappointed if they have to tell me you MISSED your chance to join. My team is sending me a list […]

Help Elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

It’s official! Senator Kamala Harris will be the Democratic vice presidential nominee! Kamala is the right person for the job—a fearless champion for justice with the experience and compassion to lead. Joe and Kamala make an unstoppable team—and they’ll fight like hell for the American people from day one. But it’s up to us to […]

Biden Announces His Vice President

BREAKING NEWS: Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s running mate. It’s going to be President Trump and Vice President Pence on the ballot against two of our Nation’s most RADICAL Democrats: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We know that Joe and Kamala don’t stand a chance against President Trump and Vice President Pence, but we cannot […]

Leader Not A Tweeter

Donald Trump’s version of leadership is tweeting lies and self praise, while more than 17 million Americans are currently out of work. It didn’t have to be this bad, but now instead of extending relief to suffering Americans, his administration is telling them to “Find Something New.” America needs a president who won’t hide behind […]